General Articles

91. How our ancients knew more about time, its measurement, and its significance. Gautam Desiraju, Firstpost, May 1, 2024. Link

90.Romance of railroad: The ever-expanding Indian Railways. Gautam Desiraju, Firstpost, Aprill 16, 2024. Link

89. Indelible mark of democracy: The story of India’s election ink. Gautam Desiraju, Firstpost, March 31, 2024. Link

88.Adam’s ale: Why Bengaluru water crisis reflects hydrological destiny of peninsular India.
Gautam Desiraju, Firstpost, March 16, 2024. Link

87. Prowess in S&T is a sine qua non if India wants a seat at the international high table.
Gautam Desiraju, Firstpost, February 19, 2024. Link

86. Why an article on Diwali in January? Gautam Desiraju, Firstpost, January 18, 2024. Link

85. Political Crystal Ball — Bharat In 2030. Gautam Desiraju, Swrajya, Feb 5, 2024. Link

84. Pakistan requiem. Gautam Desiraju, Firstpost, October 8, 2023. Link

83. Sun, solar energy and the climate change challenges. Gautam Desiraju, Firstpost, February 02, 2024. Link

82.G20 as a Rare Earths Bazaar: An opporutnity for the Indian Empire. Gautam Desiraju and Deekhit Bhattacharya, Research Gate. Link

81. The problems with Indian science management. Gautam Desiraju and Deekhit Bhattacharya, The Hindu. Link

80. G20 as a Rare Earths Bazaar: An opporutnity for the Indian Empire. Gautam Desiraju and Deekhit Bhattacharya, Diplomacy Review. Link

79. How india is experiencing a silent triveni revolution in politics science and civilisation, Gautam Desiraju, Firstpost, December 28, 2023, Link

78. Time to intervene as Hindus are vulnerable to attack by islamists in pakistan. Gautam Desiraju and Deekhit Bhattacharya, Organiser, December 12 2023. Link

77. Time to reclaim the lost territory and expand footprints in the region. Gautam Desiraju and Deekhit Bhattacharya, Organiser, December 6 2023. Link

76. Bharat’s ancient achievement: How India played a pivotal role in the origins of gunpowder. Gautam Desiraju, Firstpost, December 3 2023. Link

75. G20 as a Rare Earths Bazaar. Science Diplomacy Review, Gautam Desiraju and Deekhit Bhattacharya, August 2023. Link

74. State Reorganization And Centralization: A Deep Dive. Gautam Desiraju and Rishi Raj Mishra , Swarajya, November 11 2023. Link

73. Beyond the COVID-19 pandemic: Unanswered questions, lessons learnt and ongoing challenges. Gautam Desiraju, Firstpost, October 23 2023. Link

72.  Allure of awards: From national prizes to Nobel, India and its pursuit for recognition, Gautam Desiraju, Firstpost, October 12, 2023 Link

71. Does India need a new Constitution? Gautam Desiraju, Firstpost, October 7,2023  Link

70. Are diamonds forever? The scientific geopolitics of Africa. Gautam Desiraju, Firstpost, September 19,2023 Link

69.How inclusion of African Union into bloc elevates India’s G20 triumph to global acclaim. Gautam Desiraju, Firstpost, September 17,2023 Link

68. For Make in India, Invent in India. Gautam Desiraju and Rajeev Mantri, Indian Express, 2023 September 15 Link

67. Chandrayaan chronicles: India’s remarkable lunar odyssey and giant leap for space exploration. Gautam Desiraju, Firstpost, August 24, 2023 Link

66. Sovereignty, State, And Nation. Gautam Desiraju and Deekhit Bhattacharya, Swarajya, 2023 May 10 Link

65. India’s Constitution And Internal Unrest. Gautam Desiraju and Deekhit Bhattacharya, Swarajya, 2023 June 25 Link

64. Quo Vadis IIT: Where Is It All Headed? Gautam Desiraju, Swarajya, 2023 June 24 Link

63. India with 75 states will lead to optimized growth and development. Gautam Desiraju, Sunday Guardian Live, 2023 March 4 Link

62. The way forward for Indian science. Gautam Desiraju and Deekhit Bhattacharya, Sunday Guardian Live, 2023 January 29 Link

61. The crisis of Indian science. Gautam Desiraju and Deekhit Bhattacharya, Sunday Guardian Live, 2023 January 21 Link

60. Science 20 pursues G20 nations’ common scientific goals. Gautam Desiraju and Sharan Setty, Sunday Guardian Live, 2023 January 14 Link

59. Bharat: India 2.0 Review: A Treatise On Bridging The Divide Between India’s Modern State And Ancient Civilization. Gautam Desiraju, Swarajya, 2022 Nov 23  Link

58. Science In India At 100: Becoming A Developed Nation. Gautam Desiraju, Swarajya, 2022 November 21 Link

57. India 75@75: Case For Smaller States Has Never Been As Convincing As Now. Gautam Desiraju, Swarajya, 2022 July 11 Link

56. Education policy in India: Time for some uncomfortable questions and answers. Time for change. Gautam Desiraju, Swarajya, 2022 March 06 Link

55. Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee, Polymath and Bharatiya: His Contributions To Science Education That Remain Grossly Underrated. Gautam Desiraju, Swarajya, 2020 Dec 13 Link

54. India and the Geopolitics of Copper. Gautam DesirajuNew World Order2020 May 12 Link

53. Takeaways From Chandrayaan-2: Because There Can’t Be A Better Time To Make A Few Observations About Indian Science. Gautam Desiraju, Swarajya, 2019 Sep 07 Link

52. Science And Society – What Do They Owe Each Other? Gautam Desiraju, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2019, 58, 3232. PDF

51. Unstable Boundaries: A Holiday Trip To Quetta Or Peshawar, Anyone? Gautam Desiraju, Swarajya, 2019, March 08, Link

50. More Important Than You Think: Quota For Economically Weak And 25 Per Cent Increase In Educational Seats, Gautam Desiraju,  Swarajya, 2019, Jan 17,  Link

49. Why Indian Science Congress Has Outlived Its Utility, Gautam Desiraju, Swarajya, 2019, Jan 11, Link

48. Searching For The Best Idea Of India, Gautam Desiraju, Swarajya, 2018, Dec. 19, Link

47. Three Science Academies Are Two Too Many, Gautam Desiraju, Swarajya, 2018, May 30,  Link

46. The Idea Of Pakistan: Why ‘New Medina’ Is Far Removed From The Muslim State, Gautam Desiraju, Swarajya2018, March 04, Link

45. Jawaharlal Nehru University, At A Dangerous Inflection Point, Gautam Desiraju, Swarajya, 2018, Jan 01. Link

44. Book Review: Essays in the Philosophy of Chemistry, Eric Scerri and Grant Fisher (eds), Gautam Desiraju, Current Science, 2017, June 25. PDF

43. If Creating Institutions Of Eminence Is To Be More Than A Naming Exercise, Here Are A Few Ideas, Gautam Desiraju, Swarajya, 2017, May 25. Link

42. Indian science needs hard work: duplication isn’t synergy, Gautam Desiraju, The Hindu, 2017, May 10. Link

41. A NITI Aayog Model For Education: Why Campuses Should Welcome Research With Open Arms, Gautam Desiraju, Swarajya, 2017, April 30. Link

40. India’s Education Is At A Crossroads: Time For Some Hard Decisions, Gautam Desiraju, Swarajya, 2017, April 12. Link

39. High Time The CSIR Proved Its Mettle Gautam Desiraju, Swarajya, 2017, February 08. Link

38. Rs 100 Crore From The Govt If You Get The Nobel Prize” Is Not How You Get One, Gautam Desiraju, Swarajya, 2017, January 08. Link

37. Are scientists responsible for communicating their work to the general public? Gautam Desiraju, The Hindu, 2017, January 01. Link

36. Some themes in chemical crystallography pertinent to the Indian contribution, Gautam Desiraju, Journal of the Indian Institute of Science, 2014, 94, 1-8. PDF

35. Crystallography in the north east region Gautam Desiraju, International Year of crystallography: In the context of India and the north east region PDF

34. Crystallography and geopolitics Gautam Desiraju, Science, 2014, 343, 1057-1057. PDF

33. Chemistry in India: Unlocking the potential Arunan, E; Brakaspathy, R; Desiraju, GR ; Sivaram, S Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. 2013, 52, 114-117. PDF

32. Policy: Bold strategies for Indian science Gautam Desiraju Nature 2012, 484, 159-160. PDF

31. h-index: Is it necessary? Gautam Desiraju Current Science 2011, 100, 959. PDF

30. Old toddy in new bottles Gautam Desiraju Current Science 2010, 99, 1160. PDF

29. The case, once more, for a united academy of sciences of India Gautam Desiraju Current Science 2010, 99, 1510. PDF

28. Nowhere man Desiraju, GR and Ghosh, A Nature India 2010, Link

27. Where are the science leaders? Gautam Desiraju Nature India 2010, Link

26. The quality-quantity conundrum Gautam Desiraju Nature India 2010, Link

25. L’Affaire CSIR Gautam Desiraju Nature India 2009, Link

24. Liberating our universities Gautam Desiraju Nature India 2009, Link

23. Faculty positions in scientific/academic institutions and citizenship issues Gautam Desiraju Current Science 2008, 94, 839. PDF

22.In God we trust Gautam Desiraju Nature India 2008, Link

21. Neither quality nor quantity Gautam Desiraju Nature India 2008, Link

20. Not made in India Gautam Desiraju Nature India 2008, Link

19. The foreign hand Gautam Desiraju Nature India 2008, Link

18. The Raman effect Gautam Desiraju Nature India 2008, Link

17. Science education and research in India Gautam Desiraju EPW Vol. XLIII, 2008, No. 24, June 14. PDF

16. Probing misconduct Gautam Desiraju Current Science 2007, 93, 20. PDF

15. China shows the way in science education Gautam Desiraju The Hindu 2007, 19 February. Link

14. In retrospect: Intellect and Intuition Gautam Desiraju Nature, 2006, 443, 398. Link

13. Chemistry-The middle kingdom Gautam Desiraju Current Science 2005, 88, 374. PDF

12. Balancing the equation Gautam Desiraju Current Science, 2005, 89, 5. PDF

11. Midsummer madness Gautam Desiraju Nature, 2004, 431, 25-25. PDF

10. For whom the bells toll Gautam Desiraju Current Science 2004, 87, 276. PDF

9. Sir Arthur Cotton Gautam Desiraju Current Science 2003, 85, 236. PDF

8. Crystal: In search of clarity Gautam Desiraju Nature 2003, 423, 485-485. PDF

7. Polite and impolite Gautam Desiraju Current Science 2002, 82, 9. PDF

6. Somthing is rotten in the state of education Gautam Desiraju Current Science 2001, 80, 1248. PDF

5. The all-chemist – Linus Pauling set the agenda for a century of chemical research Gautam Desiraju Nature 2000, 408, 407-407.

4. Chemists in Their Element Book Review: Mendeleyev’s dream: The quest for the elements Gautam Desiraju Nature 2000, 408, 29-30.

3. Reactions of a Chemical Kindred Book Review: Candid science: Conversations with famous chemists Gautam Desiraju Nature 2000, 405, 996-997. PDF

2. The ultimate goal of science Gautam Desiraju Current Science 1999, 77, 485. PDF

1. More comments on the NSU and related matters Gautam Desiraju Current Science 1995, 68, 1165. PDF